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What is an artist?
An artist is a human being!

Now Forming:
and for non-artists interested in turning their creative impulses
into meaningful work

We are all art generating creatures. We share our love of play and imitation and creative communication with whales, dolphins, birds, monkeys and the great apes. If an elephant is given a piece of chalk to hold with her trunk, she will draw designs with it on the ground. I am sure we will find out that plants are creative.

As children we were played with and then we played, constantly, if we were allowed to and happily if we were not interfered with, not criticized, judged or made to clean up too much.

The Art and the Mother's Face Groups were developed out of my understanding that our patterns of creativity, productivity and stasis refer to early experiences of maternal presence and absence, and that the mother's face, as experienced in infancy and beyond, creates a universal aesthetic syntax that the artist struggles to learn and utilize and that the audience wishes fervently to understand.

The personality develops around its own natural creative impulses, so we find ways to protect our creative core from intrusion, hurt or domination. Procrastination is one such important protection. "Writer's block" is another. Extreme lack of confidence is another. The group will provide a therapeutic environment to comfortably consider how we turn away and towards the muse of our dreams.

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